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Nicaraguan, La Estrela 250g - ground beans

Roseberry Street Roasters

Nicaragua, La Estrela is a very clean and sweet coffee. The name La Estrella comes from the Beneficio La Estrella, the coee mill founded in 2013 by Caravela Nicaragua. It is located in the municipality of Ocotal. In 2015, we created a blend of dierent coees from producers living close to the mill. La Estrella blend is possible thanks to outstanding new coee producers and long-term partners from dierent municipalities around Nueva Segovia such as Macuelizo, Dipilto, San Fernando, Mozonte and Jalapa. Coffee from La Estrella has subtle acidity with notes of walnut and dark chocolate. We develop the beans to a medium roast level achieving maximum balance of sugars and Caramel and an incredible velvety body. Behind the toffee and chocolate notes you can also pick walnut and stone fruit flavours. This is one of the Roaster's favourite coffee. Delicate notes of Chocolate, Walnut and Peaches. Syrupy body and juicy aciditywith a lingering sweet chocolate finish.

About the Region

La Estrella comes from 126 dierent producers from the department of Nueva Segovia, situated 225 km from Nicaragua’s capital, Managua. This is a region very close to the border with Honduras and is part of the Cordillera de Dipilito Nature Reserve, a place with a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna