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Nicaraguan, La Trampa 1kg - ground beans

Roseberry Street Roasters
Nicaragua, La Trampa is a very clean and sweet coffee.
The name "La Trampa” was adopted as travelers passing through could always find several reasons to stay or spend more time and one of the main attractions was the perfect environment to grow coffee.
The two farms that contribute to this blend are owned by two family members that became “trapped” by this region and so they both relate well to the name. Really this coffee environment sparked the passion that motivates these coffee growers to stay and work in this community. Siblings John and Cinthia LaRue are committed to the production of specialty coffee and their high attention to detail on their farms is why they are the sole contributors to this blend. Both their farms are around 85 hectares in size.
We develop the beans to a medium roast level achieving maximum balance of sugars and Caramel and an incredible velvety body. Behind the toffee and chocolate notes you can also pick walnut and stone fruit flavours. This is one of the Roaster's favourite coffee.
Big notes of Chocolate, Walnut and Peaches.
Syrupy body and juicy acidity with a lingering sweet chocolate finish.