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Pasture Raised Free Range Eggs (dozen) - 700g min

Bega Valley EggsAdd to Order
Bega Valley Eggs are a family owned, small scale, regenerative farm producing premium quality Pasture Raised Eggs. 

Our hens are housed in mobile sheds and are never locked indoors. Instead, they always have access to the outdoors and fresh pastures, with an abundance of space to roam and forage for insects and grasses. 

The act of moving their houses through the pastures is the pinnacle of our regenerative practices. The chickens and their houses are moved to fresh ground each week, leaving behind their invaluable manure which adds to the quantity and quality of the topsoil year on year.

The pastured nature of our operation, plus the variety of insects and plant life in their diet creates a highly nutritious, truly delicious egg full of old fashioned flavour.