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Prawn Pod

Welcome to the Prawn Pod – where sea, salt and seafood are summer staples. We’re all about making it easy for you to enjoy delicious and Australian Prawns and Oysters. The prawns are freshly collected from the Sydney Fish Markets – sourced from fisherman’s co-ops and farms. The Oysters are shucked each morning (super fresh!!). We have specially selected our condiments from small batch productions. This is to ensure you’re served the highest quality ingredients.

Always Fresh, Always Tasty, Always Australian! We source local ingredients to ensure the freshest produce.

In Australia one of the most special types of food we are fortunate to have at our tables – are our delicious fresh Australian Prawns.

Food brings people together, and prawns are the ultimate share food!!

I am sure most families enjoy prawns for special occasions and annual celebrations like Christmas…why wait for Christmas – prawns should be enjoyed all throughout summer.