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Mrs Jones the Baker

www.mrsjonesthebaker.com.aumrsjonesthebaker@hotmail.com.au 02 9939 1736 16A Lawrence Street, Freshwater, NSW 2096

When you walk into Mrs Jones The Baker, you will experience a sensory delight with the array of artisan breads, captivating cakes and pastries and mouth-watering gelato – all exuding sweet and alluring aromas.

At Mrs Jones The Baker, we work with the seasons and focus on provenance. Our tasty goods are centred around high quality, organic base ingredients. There are no artificial additives or improvers with gluten, dairy, sugar and nut free as well as vegan and low sugar choices too.

Our team of bakers and pastry chefs handcraft these delights at our local Freshwater bakery using traditional and modern methods based on learned techniques and hard work – with no corners cut and each item created from scratch.

Our Team

Barry and Lucy Jones have worked around the globe perfecting the craft of baking in some of the world’s most iconic hotels. Ever since their eyes first locked over a Crème Brulee at The Savoy in London, they’ve been crafting exquisite baked delicacies and desserts together.

Artisan Bread

Using organic flour, natural starter, sea salt and spring water, our loaves are two days in the making – it’s a labour of love.

Our Cakes and Pastries

Our team of bakers and pastry chefs handcraft our baked delights on the premises using traditional and modern methods and the highest quality ingredients.