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Love Food

What We Do

In 2013 Love Food was born, serving thousands of happy customers with a little bit of “meraki” in ever bite! Our Greek Grandmother used to say; "if you make it with love, everyone will taste it".

Traditional dishes with a twist, fresh, colourful, wholesome and full of flavour. A pinch of this, a dash of that, nothing is really measured, it's all done from the heart with soul.

We keep it seasonal & simple, Angelika is a qualified Nutritionist & gives her stamp of approval on all our dishes.

One thing is for sure, each dish will be packed with a punch, made with layers of flavour, seasonal freshness, plenty of herbs, healthy and handmade with LOVE

Sister Act

We are two sisters that have always been in love with food & healthy eating.

Verena’s earliest childhood memory was age 7, placing her stool in front of the cooktop to make fried eggs, just like Mum… "If mum can do it, so can I" and sure enough she did!

It is the Greek way… Family, Food, Sharing, Connecting. Celebrating life through love and food. Our childhood was centered around the kitchen where the magic happened!

We were either sitting on the kitchen table helping, standing on our stools watching, picking the herbs from the garden, setting the table or placing the dishes in the center of the dinning table - everyone had a job to do for ‘Family Feast Sundays’!