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Colombian, Finca Los Cristales - 1kg ground beans

Roseberry Street Roasters

They named the farm Los Cristales because there is a crystal-clear water stream that passes through the farm. They started producing specialty coffee in 2014 and since then, Dagoberto has been extremely strict and careful with his processes. He is always willing to pay more money to his workers for them to do a good job and pay great attention to detail when harvesting just rope cherries.

About the producer

“I’ve seen lots of changes in my life since I started to produce specialty coffee, especially in the economic aspect, and also in the social aspect, I’ve been able to improve the quality of my coffee and I’m starting to be known for my work.” says Dagoberto. “If you want to live well with a good quality of life, you must focus on producing specialty coffee and be consistent, and improve year after year, it’s the only option.” Dagoberto plans to continue improving his coffee as well as the infrastructure of his farm. His short-term plan is to renovate his drying infrastructure.