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Colombian, Balboa - 1kg (Ground Beans)

Roseberry Street Roasters
Grind Setting

The Colombian Balboa is designed mostly for black (espresso & long black) and delicate milk based coffees. When ground a bit coarser, can also be used to produce full body filtered coffees including Pour Overs, Batch brews, Aeropress, Plunger and Cold Brews. 

Expect great strength, thick texture and amazing delicate sweet flavours. 

Our Colombian selection delivers an intense Nutty and Toffee notes, medium acidity (juicy mouthfeel) and sweet lingering finish. 

Notes: Chocolate, Panela and Toffee.

About Balboa
This coffee comes from a small co-operative called Balboa café. The co-op has only 35 members and they are doing a great job. Maurico is the group’s QC and most of the time he is with the growers ensuring they are following the strict standards of the co-op.
Cherries are picked following a strict ripeness criteria, later cherries are pulped and exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation of 20hrs and afterwards placed on parabolic dryers to11% moisture content. Balboa is located in Cauca, 60km south of Popayan.