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Passionfruit Kombucha Tonic - 1L

Momma KombuchaDairy Free , Gluten Free , Nut Free , Vegan
Our traditional Rooibos Kombucha blend double fermented with fresh passionfruit pulp and nothing else! This fresh drink with the delicate taste of passionfruit is great for an energy refresher on a hot day.

We use a blend of rooibos and blacktea, which contains traces of caffeine and no more than 1% alcohol.

Ingredients : Organic Rooibos tea, Organic Black tea, raw sugar, SCOBY (culture), previous kombucha, fresh passionfruit pulp. Contains <5g/100ml and <1% ABV.

As our kombucha is still fermenting in the bottle, this product MUST BE REFRIGERATED at all time.

Our Bottle Return System
We run a bottle return program, to help prevent bottles being binned. All bottles returned are re-cleaned, sanitised and re-used. This price is based on you returning a clean bottle. Please return your bottles to Bundlfresh during your next order and they will be returned to us.