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Pasta Sauce - Garden Herbs 750ml

Momma Kombucha

Our wonderful family friendly pasta sauce is as good as home made. With a base of carrots, onion and celery and tomatoes, you know you’re getting in all your veggies. Great to add straight to a good quality pasta, or through in your meat/vegan meat to turn into a thicker sauce.

Ingredients: Tomato, onion, carrot, celery, tomato paste, olive oil, Our veggie stock (sweet potato, carrot, tomato, zucchini, salt, pepper, rosemary, sage, parsley, black pepper, garlic), fresh parsley, basil, salt, bay leaves.

Allergen advice: Dairy Free & Gluten Free, RSF, Egg & nut free

Keep refrigerated and consume within 3 days of opening.