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Costa Rica Finca Las Lajas - 250g

Grind Type

A honey of a coffee, this single O has complex acidity from grape, tangerine and grapefruit flavours with a brown sugar finish.

Winner of a Bronze medal at AICA 2019 in the Pour Over, Single Origin category. Las Lajas began producing honey coffees in 2008. The farm uses a Penagos demucilaginator to depulp the coffee, and since the coffees are all natural or honey process, very little water is used at the mill. For their Honeys, 100% of the mucilage is left on the coffee, and the coffee is dried in different ways. The Black honey process means they only turn the coffee once giving the cup bright flavours through–out.

Tasting Notes:
Aroma: Clove and nutmeg aroma.
Body: Complex acidity, with green grape, tangerine and grapefruit flavours throughout.
Aftertaste: Cranberry and brown sugar finish.