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Grace Under Pressure (Tori Haschka)

Beachside Bookshop

LOCAL AUTHOR! Tori Haschka 'These days you have to build your own village' Grace Harkness looks like she has it all #blessed #mumlife #cleaneating. She has a ravenous tribe of Instagram followers, four cookbooks under her belt and an idyllic patch of Sydney's Northern Beaches to call home. But add two children under five (and another on the way - oops), a spouse that is nowhere to be seen and a relentless list of things she 'should' be doing, and Grace is starting to unravel... When the madness of modern-day motherhood finally pushes her to the brink, Grace and her friends decide to ditch the men in their lives and move in together to create a 'mummune'. Sharing the load of chores, school pick-ups, drop-offs and general Life Admin, Grace can finally meet her deadlines and shower in peace #ittakesavillage. Soon there's a line down the block for their Friday Night Feasts and an audience of thousands of women, both in real life and online. The new set-up seems like a dream, but is life in this utopian village all it's cracked up to be? Grace Under Pressure is a deliciously hilarious yet moving portrayal of modern-day motherhood and the saving grace of female friendship.