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Thistle Be Good Ancient Grains - Barley with Red Quinoa, Cranberry and Mint 240g

Ancient grains are good for us! Minimal processing of them means that you get lots of their original goodness.Our new barley mix not only looks beautiful but tastes amazing too!The sweetness of the cranberries work supremely well with the barley. So high in protein, youíll not only love the flavour but itíll keep you full for a long time! Makes 720gm of cooked product.Delicious with your favourite pan fried lamb, roast chicken or l love it on its own with steamed veggies ñ so easy and so delicious.All of my delicious new Ancient Grains can be enjoyed simply cooked up as they are and enjoyed as a hot meal, served with one of the serving suggestions or allowed to cool and have as a beautiful lunch, with salad or roast veggies ñ yum!