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Seadrift Distillery

Seadrift was founded by Alastair and Carolyn Whiteley. After 20 years living in London, Alastair and Carolyn moved back to her hometown on the Northern Beaches of Sydney seeking a more natural, peaceful life.

The beautiful beaches, fresh sea air, a simpler more organic world of her childhood, where people had time for each other and for themselves. The simple life.

But it wasn’t long before they found themselves asking the same old question “Why are we all in such a rush? We rush at home, we rush at work, we rush our children and we rush each other.”

They found themselves and their friends working endless hours at breakneck speed, darting from one calamity to another, and had to ask ‘For what?’

So after way too many bottles of wine devoted to managing everyday stress, they decided that something had to change. And so Seadrift was born.

A drink to slow down, to unwind and enjoy without the guilt. A drink with which to appreciate the little moments and watch the sea drift by.