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Pascuzzo Pasta mobile: 0467 707 862 1/14 Powells Road, Brookvale

In 1960 Anna Pascuzzo was taught the art of baking in Calabria, a region of Southern Italy.

The Pascuzzo craftsmanship has been passed down by generations to perfect the quality breads and pasta products which many of us enjoy today.

Sourcing the flour and kneading it with the purest waters of the Sila Mountains make our products unique and unparalleled, the ideal accompanyment for your “Mediterranean Diet” .

Our Old Stone Mill dates back to 1910 when its blades where fed by the waters of the Savuto River. It was used during the war to grind what little grain farmers could produce in their fields.
The flour from cereals (wheat, corn, oats, barley) are milled with total conservation of the germ, the most delicious part of the seed.
Whilst our Old Stone Mill is slower than current industrial grinders, its natural milling process does not overheat the flour and avoids oxidation to help retain its perfume, its taste and its digestibility.

100% natural ingredients
Our pasta with Italian durum wheat semolina is created from special grains (Cappelli, Simeto) ground and kneaded with our low mineral water. We offer a pasta product made with 100% natural ingredients.

Process & Technique
The transformation process of durum wheat begins in our mill, only 100m from our pasta factory. The result is a semolina, amber yellow in colour with a pleasant grainy consistency.
Bronze die extrusion and slow drying techniques at low temperatures for 16 to 24 hours help preserve our pastas characteristics.

Chefs around the world have preferred our pasta due to it’s high protein content to create elaborate dishes thanks to a gently wrinkled surface that attracts and retains the sauces.

Our products are processed, packaged and shipped from Italy every day to maintain all the organoleptic characteristics.

The qualities and certifications
The pasta factory Pascuzzo has developed a BRC / IFS certified quality system. It is also Vegan Certified in Australia.

Today on the Northern Beaches
After the Second World War thousands of Italians migrated to Australia, including a large number from Calabria who settled on the Northern Beaches.

Northern Beaches residents Joe and (his Father) Michael Pascuzzo import this artisanal pasta from their family in Calabria, Italy. Allowing us all to enjoy a little taste of Italy on the Northern Beaches!