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Pangallo Estate

Pangallo Estate was established in 1999, when Mick and Lyn Pangallo began planting grape vines and olive trees at their property at Richmond Vale in the Hunter Valley. This commenced a long held dream to produce beautiful and unique wines and olive oils.

Today the Pangallo Estate has some 4000 trees made up of Kalamata, Frontoio and Manzanillo covering over 40 acres of the family property. Mick, Lyn and Anthony bring a sense of the Italian family and hospitality to their environment. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun, where passion, family and pioneering tradition are the hallmarks of what we do.

Our extra virgin olive oil is single varietal using only Corregiola olives, 100% grown at our Richmond Vale property. Hand picked and delivered from harvest to pressing within 24 hours, this time frame allows the retention of as many natural characteristics and olive flavours as possible. It ensures freshness and results in an exquisite oil of uncompromising quality.