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Mrs Toddys Tonic Bassett Street, Mona Vale

Sophie Todd is a lifestyle food enthusiast, wife, mother of 3 surfers and the creator of Mrs Toddy’s Tonic. Her passion is creating great food, and making people feel better through her health tonics.

What started out as making her own Jamu to help friends in her local community on the Northern beaches of Sydney, quickly became a business. Mrs Toddy now sells her Jamu Tonic in several cafes, organic stores, online, her home delivery service and is in the process of expanding her product range.

Mrs Toddy is in the health business and aspires to help make change on how you feel inside and out. She developed her specially brewed JAMU formula from her time living in Bali that helps physiological change by reducing inflammation in the body, from internal organs, muscles, joints and skin conditions. From here she has endeavoured to develop a range of tonics to aid in many health related problems and ailments.