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Momma Kombucha 0404501811

Natalie, a mum of two boys, from North Balgowlah started brewing Kombucha in 2017 to combat the symptoms of her eldest sons allergies. Trying to avoid her son taking daily asthma drugs, she discovered increasing evidence that asthma, anxiety and gut health are all intrinsically linked. Given this, Natalie started experimenting with a range of gut health recipes like sauerkraut, water kefirs and of course Kombucha. Natalie’s son now no longer takes daily medication and is thriving on his new diet which involves a lot of Kombucha!

Through this process the whole family got hooked on Kombucha. Then their friends, and then their friends’ friends. So Momma Kombucha was born, a craft Kombucha business to share this great recipe with anyone who is looking to improve their gut health and enjoy a delicious drink.

Momma Kombucha is a local family business. Ryan, Natalie’s husband, enjoys helping out behind the scenes and even her boys are involved, they are the official taste tasters, making sure all each batch is full of delicious!

Our Kombucha is made by fermenting a careful blend of Rooibos and black tea which we double ferment with real fruits, roots, berries and spices for flavour.

In the tradition of authentic craft Kombucha, our Kombucha is 100% real and alive. Each bottle of Momma Kombucha is teeming with healthy bacterias and will form a new SCOBY over time. This differentiates Momma from many store bought brands which optimize for shelf-life over your life.

Momma Kombucha is brewed in small batches and bottled by hand, so each bottle is carefully put together for you to enjoy. Our beautiful hand-crafted kombucha is made from over 96% Australian ingredients.

We don’t love disposable plastic and use food-grade stainless steel and glass from fermentation to bottling. All bottles returned to us are washed and reused as part of our goal to embrace the circular economy.

We hope you enjoy every delicious drop of Momma Kombucha!