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Mix Masala

In 2019 we came to the realisation that the traditional Indian sauces we were buying at the supermarkets were not doing our food and culture any justice. They contained some form of preservative and were too bland on the palate. Sauces should be about flavour and the big brand stuff just did not cut it.
Mix Masala was started in our home kitchen alongside our regular corporate jobs. Since cooking, bottling and labelling those first batches, we’ve never lost our ethos – to make the best tasting sauces using real ingredients (the inspiration for #realindiansauce). Our mission has always been the same, we do everything we can to produce fresh, clean tasting sauces that really enhance food.

The biggest difference in our recipes compared to other sauce brands, is that we don’t add water. Meaning we don’t need to use thickeners, such as corn starch, which can often give an overly smooth, almost gelatinous texture. Because we don’t add water, the flavour of our sauces is intense and fresh. Have you ever smelt powdered onion or garlic? we use real onions and garlic. Our sauces are cooked in small batches, our cook times are longer, but this means flavours develop, fruit and vegetables break down to create a smooth texture and spices mellow to give a more rounded flavour. We use local fresh produce and we believe this gives the sauces an extra taste and complexity that can’t be achieved any other way.
Our mission has always been in pursuit of flavour. We are now a team, who cook, taste, label and pack every single product. Based in the Northern beaches, we produce these sauces every week to be shipped all over Australia. We are only just getting started though, our ambition is to educate foodies about the diverse flavors that stem from the different regions of India “there is more than butter chicken”. Join us on this gastronomic journey of flavors as we travel the different regions of India and bring to you the diverse and unique experience.