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Le Petit Marche (02) 9446 2626 15 Robertson Rd, Newport NSW 2106

Julien’s cuisine knowledge has been intricately moulded the last 15 years through the French and Australian hospitality industries. From Michelian star restaurants to the fast paced atmosphere of French brasseries, Julien’s passion for connecting his thoughtfully sourced produce to his customers is what drives his desire to provide the northern beaches with the best his country of birth has to offer.

Le Petit Marche prides itself on stocking only the highest quality products and exclusive French brands.

From fromage and saucisson to boutique wines, bespoke homewares and the smoothest of jams, Le Petit Marche’s focus is not only on providing the best produce it can source, but ensure the artisan French spirit will always have a place in the Austalian culture’s love for all things from the terroir.