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Country Valley

We currently operate a dairy farm that runs about 145 head of cattle, which are a Freisian/Jersery cross. The dairy farm itself is on roughly 300 acres, which is situated in a valley five minutes out of the Picton township.
We built a milk processing plant, which is 100 metres from the dairy. The factory was completed and commissioned in March 2004. Our dairy supplies the factory with milk, which is processed according to the NSW Food Authority standards, it is sold in one, two and three litre recyclable bottles. We purchase milk from five other local farms as well as an organic farm in Nowra and Hannam Vale. We also produce yoghurt and cream. Visit Our Products for further information about exactly what we produce.

Our milk comes straight from our cows to the plant and then out to our customers (48 hour window). Milk is a bit like fruit, it bruises easily and the quality can be lowered if it is not treated carefully. Our milk is extremely fresh and therefore the shelf life is longer, up to sixteen days on the label but it actually keeps longer than that. We are constantly monitoring the quality of the feed and health of the cows to ensure that the milk produced is the best you can buy. We believe all these factors will combine to create a product that will make “the difference you can taste”.

The Difference You Can Taste
Country Valley milk is locally manufactured right here, on the rolling lush green hills of Picton. Our herd is carefully reared and nurtured, some call it pampered, to produce a quality product that is wholesome, full of flavor, and unbelievably fresh. Try an ice cold glass of Country Valley milk today, you won’t believe milk can taste so delicious

Permeate FREE
Permeate, a by-product from the production of skim milk is a watery substance that acts as a cheap filler. Many big brands add 12% permeate to their milk without specifying on the label! Country Valley does not add permeate or for that matter anything else to its milk. It’s just 100% milk and nothing else.