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Bowan Island

https://www.bowanisland.com.au/contactmail@bowanisland.com.au (02) 89242261 383 Barrenjoey Rd, Newport, 2106 NSW

In the summer of 1989 the Cummings family struck culinary gold discovering the virtues of the time-honored artisan sourdough techniques in the French Alps and later in the Pacific north west of the Americas.

“We knew the Australian palate would fall in love with these beautiful sourdough breads” … so the Bowan Island story was born.

Pioneering artisan sourdough baking in Australia over 30 years ago, at Bowan Island we continue to produce our delicious artisan breads for all to enjoy.

Today we nourish our sourdough breads with a unique 85-year-old starter, creating our artisan sourdough collection that is...

Truly like no other.


David Cummings
Founder and Managing Director

David was brought up surrounded by great appreciators of all things food. He studied Physical Education and Nutrition at Sydney University and completed his degree with honours. David spent the next three years travelling the world with his wife-to-be.

During this time, he acquired valuable knowledge and experience, working closely with traditional bakers and families who shared their artisan baking techniques and recipes.

Upon his return to Sydney, David started baking his own breads and pies in a small garage, selling the time-honoured products originally at Markets before setting up his first baking enterprise.
Today their latest operation has been set up in Newport on the Northern Beaches.

David lives in Mona Vale with his wife and their four children, sharing a love of healthy living, food, fun and vitality.

Bowan Island represents their solid family values and is a testament to their wholesome approach to everything in life.