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Ben's Wholefood

Unit 12, 10-18 Orchard Road Brookvale 2100

Ben's Story
Growing up on NSW Central Coast Ben is a surfer at heart and is deeply connected to the water and nature. In his teens Ben saw the opportunity in cooking to surf all day and work at night, or so he thought, little did he know that to be a top chef it's an all consuming lifestyle. Fast forward 20 years through an apprenticeship in fine dining, a stint in Canada and finally 10 years and 2 hats as the Executive Chef of the iconic Icebergs Group, Ben honed his craft of simple food that tastes amazing.

Ben suffered a series of health crisis that led him to start studying ayurveda and understanding that food can be medicine. This redefined Ben's perception of what he considers to be real food, from the ground, as nature intended. This compelled him to shift direction firstly to wholefoods cafes (Bondi Wholefoods, Ruby Lane in Manly) and education, to work with chefs, individuals and families to teach them how to source and cook with healing wholefoods.

From Land and Sea
Today, Ben's focus has shifted into food design combining whole foods and particularly, Australian natives, not just for their unique and healing properties but also, because they are the foods that should truly be grown on this great land. His passion has led him, with his partner Clare, to launch the 'From Land and Sea' product range of bone broths, fermented veggies and seasonings and now, 'take home' meals. Their vision is to make accessible some of the healing foods Ben makes in their home kitchen available to more people.