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Allambie Hillbilly Chilli

Born and Bred in the hills of Allambie Heights, Allambie Hillbilly Chilli came about as a hobby growing a variety of chilli plants on the sunny Northern Beaches of Sydney. An explosion of crop quickly turned into an experimentation process - dehydrating, smoking and grinding until the perfect magical mix was born and ready to share with the world.

Our chilli salt seasonings are made with our secret 5 step process with a whole lotta love! A combination of kick-ass chilli varieties, quality spices and high-quality salt results in a tasty, fiery, flavoursome hit suitable for anything you want to lob it onto! Delicious, delectable, HOT & spicy goodness!

Uses & Ideas: Add a pinch for an amazing boost of flavour and heat to all of your pasta dishes & stir fries. Perfect on all means as seasonings or a rub - bake, roast, low & slow and truly bonza on anything on the barbie! Great on eggs, corn cobs, all veggies and bloody tasty on pineapple & mango! Not to mention a spicy rim for your summer cocktails or your smashed avo on toast.