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Generous and Grateful

// By Matthew Russell

The last two months has seen a rolling crisis of drought and fires sweep through regional communities of Australia.

The groundswell of community response through volunteering, fundraising, donations and direct action has reaffirmed my belief that Australia is a special place.

But the harsh reality is that more than 1000 families have lost their homes and the household items within. Many of them were uninsured, underinsured, renting or living in ‘offered' accomodation.

For the past 12 months I have been volunteering professional skills and advice in technology, logistics, supply chain, and business strategy to a wonderful ‘not for profit’ called the Generous and Grateful



Throughout 2019, their work has assisted hundreds of families entering from emergency accomodation into empty rentals, including victims of domestic violence, refugees and youth at risk.

But with the recent devastation and loss of property with the fires, their service is being called on more than ever. The new challenge is coordinated relief and ongoing recovery for people and communities that have been devastated.


What they do.

G&G are basically a ‘one stop shop’ for caseworkers to efficiently source the key household items that transform emergency accomodation into a safe and inviting home. They already have the experience, infrastructure (warehouses and logistics), processes, relationships and a qualified volunteer team to efficiently make a real difference quickly to people who need it urgently.

By collaborating with key bodies such as the NSW Office for Emergency Management & Service NSW, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Mission Au, Good360 and GIVIT, G&G ensure what’s truly needed is delivered to those affected, at the correct time and place.


How we can all help.

The priority is to provide each family with a fridge, microwave, washing machine, beds, dining table and chairs. Other furnishings may also be provided, but these are the icing on the cake.

However the biggest challenge is having enough ‘white goods’ to meet the extent of those in need.

So here’s the challenge to our Northern Beaches Community…

do you have an older(less than 15 years) fridge, washing machine or microwave tucked away that still works well and has all parts?

or….. have you been thinking of replacing any of these appliances in the near future and we could have the old ones?

or ….. Can you share this among your network of friends, family, work and/or Social Media to see if we can get greater awareness and flush out some more fridges, microwaves and washing machines.


Bundlfresh will pick up any appliances donated from anywhere on the Northern Beaches and will deliver these to our friends at G&G.

You can either DM us on Facebook or Instagram, or email us at connect@bundlfresh.com.au

If you don’t have white goods at hand but want to learn more or find other ways you can help, click on the links above to the Generous and Grateful website and Facebook page.

Thanks 🙏



"​If we all bring what we know, and do what we can with what we have, amazing things will be achieved."

Carmen Platt (Founder and VP) G&G